Supercharge Your Marketing Campaigns with Go4whatsup Chatbots

Elevate your customer engagement with our cutting-edge chatbot technology. Seamlessly connect with your customers, swiftly address their queries, seamlessly transfer them to live agents, and provide round-the-clock availability. Elevate your brand’s customer service to new heights today!”
Boost Your Marketing Campaigns’ Effectiveness with Go4whatsup Chatbots

Fuel Your Company's Growth with 24/7 Lead-Generation Bots

Ensure round-the-clock accessibility for your clients and never miss a lead again! With Assignee, @Mentions, and Tagging features, our dashboard guarantees meticulous recording of customer interactions.

Effortlessly Craft Your Chatbot – No Coding Required

Your no-code chatbot can be created, tested, and deployed within minutes. Respond to frequently asked questions, gather invaluable insights, and dispatch targeted forms to potential prospects. Revolutionize your customer engagement effortlessly!”

Unlock the Power of WhatsApp Chatbot for Your Website

Services & Sales

Services & Sales Streamlining

Boost Efficiency: Our WhatsApp chatbot handles repetitive inquiries, allowing your support team to focus on more complex and valuable customer interactions.


Instant FAQs Assistance

Seamless Information Retrieval: Instead of navigating through your website, let our chatbot provide immediate answers to frequently asked questions.
Rich Text

Interactive and Rich Responses

Engaging Content: Enrich chatbot responses with text, images, videos, and music, creating a unique and immersive experience for your customers.

Data Gathering

Efficient Data Collection

Gather Valuable Insights: Leverage the chatbot to conduct surveys, collect feedback, and gather user information, allowing you to expand your customer base and make data-driven decisions.

Prepare Leads

Lead Qualification

 Personalized Interaction: Empower your chatbot to ask targeted, personalized questions, effectively qualifying potential leads without requiring human intervention.
Client Retention

24/7 Accessibility

Always Available: Our chatbot is at your customers’ service 24/7, including holidays and weekends, ensuring seamless communication and support even when your staff is not available.

Integrate Go4Whatsup ChatBot to Your Specific Requirements

WhatsApp Broadcast to Specific Clientele

By labeling or tagging contacts with the Gallabox tool, you can create sophisticated consumer groups. This can be targeted with services and goods that are unique to them.

Teams' Multi-Agent Shared Workspace for Collaboration

Work together as a team, assign contacts, @mention them, and label them. Agents can assume responsibility and analyze customer history to develop stronger bonds with clients.

Integrations For Your Business That Are Simple

Simple integration with your current eCommerce sites, payment processors, and logistics partners.

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