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What is Go4Whatsup

We provide businesses with simple-to-use customer engagement software that is built on the WhatsApp Business API to enable tailored discussions with customers at scale. For instance, several of our clients use Go4Whatsup to automatically send customized notifications via WhatsApp from their systems.

What Go4Whatsup Assist You With?

A go-to platform for WhatsApp chatbot, CRM, and Bulk Messages
Chat Bot

Chat Bot

First stage of communication without a live agent


Escalate situations as required, including agents


Uncomplicated interface for a chatbot creation


Add Call to action(CTA), connect with appropriate agents


Include keyword-based answers


Send WhatsApp messages to your prospect leads and clients

Send broadcasts or bulk messages to your contacts

Automate WhatsApp to send messages on a routine

Manage personalized communication

Conversing with connections in both directions
Broadcast and Bulk Messages

Broadcast and Bulk Messages

Broadcast personalized messages about sales and promotions

Organize segmented campaigns using specific attributes

Use Call-to-action (CTA) and rich media to make the communications interactive.

Multi-language Chat Translation

Connect across cultures: Communication between individuals who speak different languages.

Foster global collaboration: Promote collaboration and cooperation among individuals from different cultures.

Enhance user experience : Better user experience by breaking down language barriers.

Streamline business processes : Increase business efficiency by allowing people to communicate more quickly and easily.

Our Testimonial

William(CEO, AKS Travelling Services)
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User-friendly and adorableSince we are in the traveling industry, utilizing WhatsApp to communicate with passengers and new suspects is incredibly convenient. Go4Whatsup enables us to have several people assist guests. Additionally, it enables us to automate simple responses, such as addresses.
Tom(MD, RIO Industrial)
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Highly recommended for this. “Great product” In contrast to many other WhatsApp business solutions available, Go4Whatsup is versatile. We use Internet forms and Google Sheets as a young firm. There is no phone help available. Our sole method of help is WhatsApp. At a very affordable price, Go4Whatsup assists us in effectively managing consumer interactions on WhatsApp.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As an official WhatsApp Business service provider, Go4Whatsup helps you grow your online sales and transform customer experience at scale. If you’re looking to boost your revenue by leveraging WhatsApp as a sales channel, you can start using Go4Whatsup  anytime.
We also offer a 14-day free trial program, and you can start using Go4Whatsup within minutes of signing up with us. You can also reach out to our support team and we get things done for you at NO extra costs.Watch this video to learn how to get started with your 14-day free trial.
In our 14-day free trial program, you gainfreeE access to Go4Whatsup entire feature set. You have access to all of the premiumfeatures;, WhatsApp will accept your number for limited message sending, chats, Broadcasting ,teame creations etc.During your free trial period, we will assist you with the business verification process, which typically takes 3 business days to 4 weeks. When you are verified, Go4Whatsup  automatically activates your unlimited texting access.To discover more, watch this video.
To make the most of Go4whatsup, begin your business verification process as soon as possible. When your company is validated, the message restrictions are gone, and you will have full access to Go4Whatsup. The best part is that you don’t have to pay us until you’re in the free trial to start using limitless chat.
based on the plan you choose for your business, this is a monthly/annual recurring charge and is automatically charged by Go4Whatsup to your saved payment method at the start of each billing cycle.
Yes, all our plans are billed in INR. If you wish to pay in a different currency, you can estimate the approximate cost of our subscriptions based on the conversion rates.
No, there is no one-time setup fee involved. We have a very simple and transparent pricing structure that is completely aligned with your business growth.

We offer you to access our WhatsApp Business platform for FREE at no setup costs and no hidden charges.
We have worked hard to bring down the cost of such an all-in-one WhatsApp business solution. As we are an official WhatsApp Business service provider, you get the complete benefit of our platform at a much more affordable price.

Yes, WhatsApp as a messaging app or a business app is free.
However, for businesses looking to start communicating to their customers and grow their sales at scale, WhatsApp Business API platform is the best fit. To leverage WhatApp Business platform as a sales channel, there are conversation charges levied by WhatsApp.
When you send a notification to your customer via WhatsApp Business platform, they are chargeable if your customer has not replied in the last 24 hours. The charges depend on the country code of your customers’ WhatsApp account. We bill these charges on actuals to you without any surcharge.
The automatic payment method is introduced to ease the process of monthly billing & payments that is debited from your account.
Go4Whatsup supports unlimited team member logins in any pricing plan that we offer. You can add as many team members as you need for your business.
Businesses who have been awarded the WhatsApp Official Business Account (OBA) designation will see a green tick next to their business name. Even if your WhatsApp business number is not explicitly kept by your users, this is displayed in the display name of your contact number.

Because Go4Whatsup is built on an official WhatsApp Business platform, after you have upgraded to a premium subscription withGo4Whatsup, we can apply for the WhatsApp green tick on your behalf for free.

However, we have no control over WhatsApp’s choice to approve your green tick verification. Their decision would be final in this regard. Several criteria, including brand credibility, social media following, listing in external media, and domain ranking, can all influence your green tick approval.

If your application for the green tick is rejected, it does not impact your ability to use Go4Whatsup or WhatsApp business API.

Yes, you can use an existing WhatsApp number with Go4Whatsup.
When it comes to selecting a number to be used for Go4Whatsup, you can use any valid number that can receive an OTP via SMS or a voice call. This could be a virtual number or a regular SIM number.

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